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How Long Does it Take to Grow Dreadlocks?

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The amount of time it takes for hair to dreadlock depends on the dreadlocking method used, maintenance techniques, as well as the texture of your hair. Some methods cause the hair to lock quicker than others and coarser, tightly coiled hair locks quicker than straighter/wavier hair.  Thus, there is absolutely no way to state a definite time frame at which your hair should be locked.

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naaniFam Speaks
chriscaston's picture

If anyone have any suggestions my name is Chris and I'm new to the website I just started twisties in my hair and this gave me some information on how long it takes for my hair to lock. I have very coarse african hair, and I also was wondering how long does it take twisties to become dreadlock?

Thank you very much,


naaniFam Speaks
admin's picture

lord give me strength

it depends on how coarse your hair is and how long it is when you started.  The shorter your hair, the quicker it will lock.  The coarser your hair, the quicker it will lock.

If your hair is short and coarse, you should be fully locked within 4-6 months.

If youre hair is medium to long and has a looser curl pattern, it could take anywhere from 6-8 months to well over a year (14-16 months) for your hair to fully lock.

naaniFam Speaks
chriscaston's picture

Thank you so much for replying I had twisties a long time ago and I ended up getting it cut now that I grew my hair back two months ago I started twisties again. Now I know to be patient and I'm not going to cut it ever again. Again thank you and god bless.

thank you,


naaniFam Speaks
admin's picture

lord give me strength

yeah just try to ride it out.  the first year or so is confusing as hell but you do yourself a disservice when you start over.  just buckle in and let it happen as naturally as possible.

naaniFam Speaks
Andrééé's picture

hey naani,

really great site. i'm a jamaican (livin in JA), so i'm exited to see that dreads have influenced African peoples all over the world.

Anyway, I started two-strand locks about 3 months ago. They seem to be really frizzy nowadays with a lot of loose new hair popping up in between. As I've come to realise, locks are an art that some people master better than others. I've never been much for hairstyles so I know exactly nada but you're a big help in my learning. But my question really is about my method of up-keep. I don't use any products a part from a natural shampoo (product hunting is too confusing) and a friend of mine with nice flowing locks does the retwisting. I've noticed that after retwisting, she uses a pin to pull the ends through the root to tighten the new growth (like a lock tool). I'm not sure that's a good idea for my two-strand method and thickness (about 4cm but still loose). Also she pulls them fairly tight so that I can feel the hair pulling at the roots well after it's finished and done-up. I'm wondering if that might actually cause breakage at the root and might be the cause of all that extra hair poping up around the locks. the roots also feel a lot thinner than the rest of the lock. Of course it could just be my hair type or the fact that I'm just three months in. I'd love your thoughts!!

naaniFam Speaks
Anonymous's picture

Ive started dreads 3 months ago. The two strands have become one, but the roots are still loose.How can I speed up the locking process?

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