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Natty Dreadz of New York

Beauty Centre

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Aromatherapy Moisturizing Shampoos

Available in our No-Sulfates and USDA Certified Organic Herbal Castile blends, pick your scent and cleanse your hair...

natty dreadz clientGrowing dreadlocks is a unique and individual process and experience. At Natty Dreadz, we do our best to make your dreadlocks experience, rewarding and successful.

Where some stylists fail to take the individual into consideration, we understand that your hair and life style have unique concerns. This is why at Natty Dreadz, we are do our best to tailor your styling based on your hairs' specific needs.

At Natty Dreadz, we believe that the only "good" hair is clean hair.

We believe that all dreadlocks should be representative of good hair, this is why we do not adopt the "no shampooing" philosophy that you may encounter at other salons.

Natty Dreadz is an In-Home service provider. By eliminating the hustle and bustle of salon life, you know that when you enter our threshold that your time spent with us is all about you and your hair.

At Natty Dreadz we believe that with a gentle touch and lots of love & care, we can take the "dread" out of dreadlocks.

Natty Dreadz of New York